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Joyce and I aren't speaking. Fine by me. Until I get an apology, I don't give a crap. Paranoid bitch.

Rich called out AGAIN today. I really... REALLY don't understand why he wasn't terminated.

I have a jury summons. I need to call them to ask them what documentation they want to prove that it's been less than three years since I served on a jury. Civil duty my ass... I really won't mind much if I'm not excused, as the experience was surprisingly pleasant. I get the feeling that I'll need something like the payment stub; in which case? Yeah, not going to happen. Those are long gone. What the hell happened to THEIR records? Don't they keep track of this shit?

I'm going to fill out the qualifer, though, bring it in to work to prove that I have a jury summons in case I can't get out of it, and then call and ask what documentation is necessary. The thought just occurred to me that they might tell me that I don't even need to send it back... fuck that. Something gets lost in the system and I could face jailtime if I don't. They're gettin' this thing back whether I'm excused with that phone call or not.

Calvin and I need to get our own place. The drama level at home just skyrocketed because of Mom's control issues. I can't talk about it right now. I'm too upset.

And finally, anyone want a copy of Phantasy Star Collection for the GBA? I lost my old copy, and so went out and bought a new ($7.99, no complaints). This morning? I'm cleaning up my computer desk and what's staring me in the face? So anyone want it?



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