May. 17th, 2008 08:00 pm
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I am physically disabled. I might have use of my limbs and senses (with the exception of sight, it's getting to be D: I really need to wear my glasses... god, I hate those things...) but that doesn't mean that I am not disabled. I CANNOT digest certain foods. One type of food that my body absolutely cannot digest is whole grains.

Everywhere you look, food manufacturers are changing their grain products to WHOLE grains. I can't buy cereal anymore. No kidding. I've found maybe two that aren't made with whole grains. This makes it extremely difficult for me to eat any grains.

It's hard for me to do something NECESSARY FOR LIFE. It's not nearly as bad as it can get- if my gastroparesis continues to get worse, I could end up having to get my nutrition intravenously. We're not nearly at that point yet. But it's still NOT FAIR that I can't get proper nutrition anymore.

And you will never see me demanding that this change. Because I am in the MINORITY. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people should NOT have to change their dietary habits because a handful can't digest certain foods.

Likewise: if you are physically disabled, and can't do an event, it just sucks to be you. Suck it up and move on. Otherwise, I expect to see each and every one of these little assholes filing lawsuits against their school districts for not allowing physically disabled students on their football teams.



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