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I got my $30 from Treasure Trooper in my Paypal account on the fifteenth. So good of you to notify me of this, Paypal. Srsly.

I'M SPENDING IT ON GAIA. Honest to GOD, I've been driving myself BONKERS trying to make sure Calvin has EVERYTHING HE FUCKING WANTS and that's throwaway money. Fuck being responsible for a bit, I'm going to have fun. I know based on my prior financial entries, I seem like a very IRresponsible person with money. The problem is that I only bitch about it when I'm tired of being an adult.

For example, I'm paying down Dell, right? I've pumped some $600 into it since the beginning of the year; Cal expects, that since the balance in January was $1700, we should be down to $1100. No, it doesn't work that way; it's around $1250. How can that be, you ask? The 26.97% APR I'm billed every month.

Holy shit? Yeah. That's why Dell's getting paid off first, despite the fact that HSCB or whatever the fuck the acronym is is CONSTANTLY pissing me off.

I got myself into this mess. I had about $300 of debt when I met Cal. Take a guess as to what it is now. Go ahead, guess. That IS my fault. I'm not taking entire responsibility for it anymore; Calvin actively manipulates me to use the credit. He admits this and knows that if he tries it anymore, I'm likely to be sleeping in the living room. But all the credit is in MY name. That makes it my problem.

I just get SO DAMN TIRED of being careful to make sure at least minimum payments are made, and we're saving for things that need to get done (like Cal's dental work; Me? I need dental work? I suppose I don't since he's still spending money like it grows on trees...) and working out ways to pay the bills in such a manner that we have the most money at the end of pay periods and-

Fuck it all. I've been a goddamn adult since I was ten. I'm going to be a kid every once in a while and if Cal- or my parents- don't like it, they can STFU and GTFO. Mom and Dad get their rent and Cal gets his obnoxiously expensive concerts. As long as I can make the bills, leave me alone about it for chrissakes.

... there was something else I wanted to bitch about, but meh...



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