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... By massive stupidity?

Okay, so. Bux.to. It LOOKS, initially, like a Ponzi Scheme, but I don't believe it is. There are plenty of reasons to say it isn't, and it only looks like one on the surface if you look at it from too simple a perspective.

For example, their advertising fees are VERY low. Premium members get paid 1.25ยข per page-view, so on first look, the advertising fees aren't NEARLY enough to pay the members with. BUT...

Non-premium members get a penny and only 10-15 ads per day. Do you realize how many people are going to say, "I'll get payout before buying referrals or premium to make sure it's not a scam" and then stop after a month and a half? All those are accounts that bux isn't going to have to pay, because the users have stopped clicking ads and will never reach payout.

Auto-clickers are also against the TOS, obviously, and all the cash due to those who use them will be forfeited as well.

I've gotten paid by them, of course, or I really wouldn't be wasting my time anymore.

There's a group of people on the forums who are CONSTANTLY crying "SCAM!!!!" only because of the above, and the fact that the payout waits are ridiculous- yes, they are. I cashed out on Feb. 26th for the second time and it's still sitting in audit- and I'm a premium user. However, just about ALL of the explanations given have been legit. They've got AlertPay representatives helping people, for crying out loud, and you're going to try to convince someone that AlertPay has nothing to do with the slow payout?

They've started using a credit processing service for their referrals and premium purchases, which is apparently putting through double orders. The user obviously objects, the payment processor refunds the second charge, and then discovers their bux.to account suspended.

This is a HUGE problem. Really, it is. I've been in the habit of buying refs ($16.98) every month or so and I probably won't be until this is sorted out. Know what? Still not Bux's fault. Why is it not Bux's fault?

Because their system, as it is, has no way of removing referrals from an account. So when they get two orders, they fill two orders, and then have NO way to remove one. Stupid mistake? Yeeeeesssssssss... But again, users, get your heads out of your asses. Bux.To, and their owners, are NEW to this. They launched in August of '07, I think. They're going through growing pains and obviously didn't think that anyone would do a chargeback, for any reason.

If that rationale isn't good enough for you...

... how are they getting a major bank to even TALK TO THEM about establishing their own payment processor if they're a scam?

I'm gonna go bathe and try to work on schoolwork more.



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