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I need a better system for doing my math work. Y'see, being as this is an internet course and you're not supposed to use calculators, you have to do your best to show work. Considering that this class is "Basic Skills Math" and not, "HOW WELL CAN U USE A CALKULATOOR LOL" I wouldn't. Except for the fact that this shit's getting complicated, I'm 3 weeks into a 9-week course, and I'm already through half the notebook I bought for it.

So I'm using my calculator a LITTLE; I didn't use it at all when we were doing the four basic operations. I've proven I can, so to save time and trees, I'm using the calculator for that stuff, but doing the PROBLEM by hand. If that makes sense.

The problem is that, when it comes time to translate the work in the notebook to a .doc for submission, sometimes I will have NO FUCKING CLUE how I got the answer I did. I have it all written down, and the answer's correct. But what I write down doesn't seem to have anything to do with the final answer. I just had to re-do a problem, not because it was wrong, but because my "work" seemed to be nonsense.

And protip for the Pennsauken police: If you have nothing better to do than to detour PEDESTRIANS off a PUBLIC ROAD, you've OBVIOUSLY never been on Union Avenue, which CONNECTS to the road you're detouring pedestrians off of and is one of the main arteries in Pennsauken.

Get off your lazy fucking asses and DO SOMETHING about the fucking speeding problem. I'm not paying taxes so you can antagonize pedestrians for shits and giggles. DO YOUR GODDAMN JOB.



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