Mar. 18th, 2008

I will not dwell or ruminate on Warren or Calvin for the rest of the evening. I'm not going to be able to stop thinking about it. But I can stop it from interfering from my responsibilities.

Because if Warren knew that me missing him, and now being worried about him, was the primary reason I'm so far behind in school, he'd slap me upside the head and block me on AIM until I was caught up. XD
A stretch of I-95 in Philly is closed for a few days, at the earliest, because of repairs that are urgently needed. This portion is a bridge that has a very, very large crack in it. If not fixed, it can collapse.

People are bitching about the inconvenience of that part of I-95 being closed. "How much are we supposed to tolerate?!"

*heavy sigh*

Look, asswads. You are going to tolerate as much inconvenience as it takes to get that bridge repaired. Why? Because, if that bridge collapses, PEOPLE WILL DIE. Someone could lose a husband, brother, mother, aunt, son. Permanent injuries could occur. At the LEAST, thousands- if not tens and possibly spanning into the hundreds- of dollars of damage will be done. AND if the bridge collapses, it's going to be closed for longer than a few days.

And so, you have to leave for work a little earlier. ADJUST.

The funny thing is is that these people would probably be the loudest to scream about the city not doing anything if it DID collapse.



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