Mar. 24th, 2008

Sometimes, when a big company gets a little corner of the internets that's primarily used for fun, the end result can look like a trainwreck... ala VPs making stupid remarks about their userbase, denying those remarks being made, and getting caught in that lie. Stuff being TAKEN AWAY, rather than built upon.

That's the wrong direction to take a tiny, fun little thing (although neither company I'm speaking of can be called "little" at this point).

However, railing against change because it's change does no good. I don't like the general "feel" this other site has anymore. It's too teeny-boppery. However, the site's still fun. I can still go to my lil' retreat to get away from the bitchy teens. NO features that were free before have been made paid, and all paid features can be accessed without paying. There are still new features coming out that I adore.

Honestly? That's not a bad deal. Yeah, big corporation got their hands on it. There's going to be some, "WTF this sucks! D:"

But for the most part, it's OKAY. The site is growing. There are many more demographics than the original target group, and they're still managing to keep all previous features while adding a FEW paid ones that you don't actually have to pay for.

SUP, take a look at how Gaia's handling growing into a company rather than a hangout.

And take some notes.

There will be a test.


Mar. 24th, 2008 09:58 pm
I sat here and bullshitted all night. Did NOTHING productive, in ANY sense of the word. Didn't do homework, didn't do Treasure Trooper, didn't even work for gold on Gaia.

Therapist tonight. I told Scott that I was depressed. I know I am because I've been dealing with this for two decades. I know what it feels like. He wanted something specific. I told him "Apathy."

We talked about Week 2 in school and how I didn't turn a damn thing in on time. We talked about my 38% in accounting.

How the hell did I go from a straight-A student to FAILING? :|

Scott's concerned. Depression's a huge issue for me (like I need to tell you people that). He's seen me struggle with it constantly. He knows I believe it can't be treated.

He pointed out that in no time, in my college career (almost a year now) did I just STOP doing my homework when I'm depressed, until now. He has a point.

Now, what does he expect me to do about it?

Absolutely exhausted... e-mails to various people will have to wait. First on my list, very first opportunity: E-mail Warren. He asked for my help. I just hope that I'm not too fucking down to do it...



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