Mar. 28th, 2008

The dude who proclaimed that Basic accounts were discontinued because three account levels- free, no ads, crippled/free, ads, most functionality/paid, no ads, full functionality- was TOO CONFUSING for new users has resigned. I'm reminded ever so slightly of 6A's Barack or whatever his name was.

And this is incredibly amusing, since they're testing another form of "plus" account: Sponsored. You have supposedly all of the features available to Paid, but a company picks up the tab and you have ads. By the way, you can't change the layout.

Wait what? Everything available to Paid but you can't change the layout? No, that ISN'T right. There is a metric shitton of things I can't do with my layout because you need to pay to get those options.


Of course, I'm tired and frustrated, so that might be inaccurate, in which case I apologize in advance. But seriously: this allows for ads visible to Paid and Permanent accounts. If you view a Sponsored account without style=mine, you will see ads regardless of Paid status. Style=mine doesn't cut it.

But hey, the idiot who claimed that Basic accounts were too difficult to understand is gone.

Caramel Apple jellybeans are disgusting.

And finally, does anyone know of anywhere to go to create a Caramelldanser, or however the hell you spell that? Those things are FUCKING cute. I want one. I have the template but I SUCK at graphics and drawing in general.



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