Apr. 3rd, 2008


Apr. 3rd, 2008 10:21 pm
Attn: coworkers,

Why do you see me as a CHILD? Not just "the baby" of the department; a CHILD? Is it because I don't have the most "mature" interests? Because that's about all you know about me. Would it make you feel better if I actually enjoyed entertaining and shopping instead of playing video games and playing with fake currency? What about my reading materials? Romance and mystery a more "grown-up" choice than manga and fantasy? Lost .> Neon Genesis Evangelion?

The funny thing is, for all you see me as immature because I enjoy "kiddish" things in my spare time... I see you all as immature for judging someone by their hobbies and NOTHING else.

Funny how that works, huh?

Gaia has implemented several MP restrictions, one of which being that sellers cannot yank sales out from under bidders any longer. They have five minutes to cancel the auction; after that, it's locked in. I wouldn't have done it that way; I would have given it until there's a bid. Still, this is a FANTASTIC move and I think that the sellers who are screaming that this is going to bring on the collapse of the Gaian economy are going to be pleasantly surprised. Make buyers feel safe, and you'll HAVE more buyers.

I need to do my homeworks. I don't feel like I can. THIS isn't Bipolar, if I have it. It's also not PMS, although the time of month would indicate that. I have no idea what this is. I'm motivated for a day, down for one or two. Motivated, down. Motivated, down. It's too rapid to be Bipolar.

... I have Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat. For FREE. Curtis distributes them. Although we don't get them in our boxes of mags; Cal's buddied up to one of the bigwigs in New Milford, and told this guy that his significant other is a big anime fan.

Homework. Must do homework.
This one being whichever idiot Catholic Bishop of NJ that made the assertion that it is the fault of OTHER faiths that the Catholic Church is losing attendance.

Put your money where your mouth is- literally.

For every dollar you spend on pointless beautifications of your churches in NJ, donate a dollar to a charity that helps victims of sexual abuse.

I was baptized Catholic when I was born. I don't consider myself Catholic, although the Church does. But if I did consider myself Catholic, I would not be attending Catholic church- EVAR. The way the Church has handled sexual abuse over the last few DECADES is what would have driven me away; NOT the cornucopia of religion that is available to me.

Granted, I have a specific point of view: that of someone who suffered sexual abuse. It wasn't at the hands of a priest, no; but you've still made your point. The rights of the perpetrator are more important than the needs of the victim.

They're CHILDREN, you assholes. One of your sickos gets caught, so you ship him off to a new supply? Fuck you. And I KNOW there are Catholics who agree with me. My mother was almost a nun, before she met my father.

I repeat: PROVE that you want your parishioners. For each and every dollar you spend on those stupid statues and ornate fountains outside your churches, donate a dollar to a sexual abuse survivor foundation.

Otherwise, shut the fuck up and accept the consequences to your actions.



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