Apr. 6th, 2008


Apr. 6th, 2008 10:10 am
Cramps aren't as bad today, but my throat is KILLING ME. I have a fever and I can barely swallow. The pain's in my ear now, too.

People have such a sense of entitlement. Someone on Treasure Trooper is bitching because they reversed referral earnings because one of the referrals was caught giving fraudulent information. Even though TT's payment for those offers were reversed, this woman thinks it's bad business ethics to reverse HER "earnings" too, since she had nothing to do with it and it came from a "purchased" referral anyway.

First, if TT paid referral earning for fraudulent activity EVEN THOUGH they aren't getting paid for it themselves, it would probably bankrupt them in a month. The problem with GPT sites, I've discovered, aren't that the sites are scams, but that MANY users attempt to scam THEM.

Second, it's NOT bad business ethics. There is NO business ethic that says a company is obligated to violate their own terms of service for you. When you sign up, you agree that TT isn't obligated to pay you ANY referral "earnings".

Finally, when you "purchase" (IE earn the 8 pearls you need to be able to get two unrefereed members, which you get from bonus games ONLY) referrals, they are random people who signed up without a referral. TT doesn't register accounts and do offers to give you referral earnings and they can't be held responsible for the referral not doin' it right.

In other words, here's a tissue: cry moar. It's nice that you've gotten even $13 from pearl referrals; I have 12 pearl reffies and don't even have $3 from them. Stop whining about it. It's money you didn't have to do jack shit for.



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