Apr. 12th, 2008

I got a shitload of stuff done. Read two chapters, did the two overdue assignments, participation, and got the assignment that was due tonight in. Wrote quite a bit, too.

I am morbidly amused. I've decided that I might want to resurrect my deviantart account (joshuaorrizonte is the name, although nothing's really there yet) and made a journal entry on it to that effect. Just because I'm a masochist, I checked up on that purist who ruined the ToS fandom for me. I don't wish her ill, and I was curious to see how she was doing and stuff. She has a lot of beautiful Christian artwork. I didn't fav anything, or comment, or whatever; no point in intentionally stirring the pot, but I believe that dA has a "stalker count"- the last people to visit the page. I may be wrong, since I can't find it.

But yeah. It's been... less than a week since I made that journal entry. I was bouncing around, and stopped by her profile again to see if there was any new Christian art and... all of her journal entries have been deleted.

I'm probably being narcissistic. But I really, REALLY can't see that being a coincidence right now. It probably is, but still. In any event, I know that if she starts shit, I'm a little better prepared for it. Fandom drama makes me lulz now. I don't care about it enough to be bothered by it. In a way, this is a bad thing; I've never liked it when I got apathetic about anything, but you know? I'll be damned if I let something THAT retarded hurt me THAT profoundly again.

Tomorrow's agenda: taxes, reading, assignment, and drawing. We'll go from there, heh.


Apr. 12th, 2008 08:47 pm
Open invitation: AIM is joshuaorrizonte. Feel free to IM me. I'm lonely.

I'm working on another sketch to post on dA. It's... interesting. I can see as I'm drawing where I'm going wrong with the upper body. I'm just not sure I'll be able to fix it.

http://joshuaorrizonte.deviantart.com/ Pleeeease if you have a dA come friend meh! :D I just heard from [livejournal.com profile] ninaofthevalleythat there's going to be another BoF game, so I might end up kicking fanstuffs into high gear. XD Then again, maybe not. Still, please? Friendses are always good!

Ugh. I don't feel up for doing anything really. I think I'm going to be merciful on myself. So I didn't get an assignment done. This is a two-day assignment anyway; not that I really did much on it, but you know. I actually got a LOT accomplished. A chapter of reading, some computer maintenance... It all adds up, dontcha know?



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