Apr. 17th, 2008

"In any case, it takes a few months for birth control pills to start working..."

I'm sorry. I'm honestly, honestly not trying to be condescending. Despite the subject line, who I'm upset with aren't the un- or mis-informed. I'm upset with the school system, at least the American one.

What the fuck are they teaching kids in sex ed?

Abstinence-only sex ed DOES NOT WORK. I'm living proof of that, having lost my virginity at 15. And it seems, to me, that abstinence-only sex ed now not only means preaching ONLY abstinence, it also means not actually educating or outright lying to the kids. Look, you dipshits, teenagers are sexual beings. You not wanting to accept the fact that teens have a natural, INVOLUNTARY drive to WANT SEX doesn't change that fact. You're a lot more likely to get kids to STOP fucking by giving them the information; otherwise, there's an unknown that they want to know.

At the VERY least, it'll make them safer. The guy I lost it to? Believed that virgins could not get pregnant. I've had to inform a younger friend that yes, she CAN get an STD by blowing a guy. Do you know how many teenage girls don't know how to use a condom? Do you know how many teenage BOYS don't?

And now birth control pills take months to start working? SINCE WHEN? Since your abstinence-only sex educator told you so so that the girls in your class on the pill wouldn't fuck?

Jesus Christ. I don't want kids. I HONESTLY don't. The fact that we're LYING to them to get them to deny their natural impulses, rather than giving them the tools to cope with them and make decisions for themselves, is so disheartening that I can't describe it.
Complete with sobbing hysterically, panicked hyperventilating, and black-and-white "my life is over, I'm ruined" mentality. I am now going to attempt to do the school work that was interrupted by an argument about LAUNDRY.

Calvin has admitted that he is actively TRYING to get me to abandon him. Someone sticking with him is something that's new and he's uncomfortable with and he's mad at me, on some level, for being outside of his comfort zone. No, he doesn't want me to leave. But a lover not leaving him is alien to him and he doesn't know how to cope.

Self-fulfilling prophecies will always come to fruition. That's why they're called "self-fulfilling." I don't want to leave him either.

He keeps this up, I'll have to chose between him and sanity.



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