Apr. 21st, 2008


Apr. 21st, 2008 06:15 pm
"I don't feel good and DO NOT WANT to go to the phillies game tonight."

I shouldn't have. I ended up injured.

Note that we were already on our way out the gate when this happened. Before the first pitch. Yes, it was already THAT bad and we were trying to get the hell out of dodge.

As we were passing the smoking corral, some idiot decided to lean against the unsecured steel railing that blocked off that area. I had a man who was about 175 pounds jam a steel bar into my arm with all his weight. After impact, which hurt like a motherfucker, my arm went numb to my wrist and my fingers started tingling.

CBP staff wouldn't LET ME leave until I was seen by the EMTs because my range of motion was so low. EMT and CBP staff member filled out a full incident report; EMT told me that if my arm was actually hurt, CBP was responsible because, really, common sense says that those railings should be secured. CBP staff recommended that we contact them ASAP if I needed further care.

Which was nice. When I was hurt at Tweeter Center, they REFUSED to do ANYTHING that would document that it was their fault; they wouldn't even let me get the kid's name. My theory is that they thought he was a minor, and he HAD been served alcohol there. Not good.

Anyway, I can move it and type and write again. It's still sore; the bruise hasn't appeared yet, but it's tender to the touch. Hopefully all will be well by the weekend.

In other news, I didn't think I could get worse mail-order service than what I got from BMG. I was wrong. BMG managed to 1) Answer all of my questions properly 2) Get my orders right the FIRST time. Whether or not I had to bitch them out for these correct orders being poorly packaged and thus damaged is a moot point.

Apparently asking what the procedure is if the post office sends the package back to them is asking about the status of my account, Widescreen only = Fullscreen only, and I have an invisible DVD in my introductory order.


Christ. "We only know if you didn't get a DVD if you let us know somehow." BULLSHIT. These things aren't packaged by machine. Someone has to look at the order list and get those DVDs. One of your warehouse workers didn't do their job. I don't want to have an easy time letting you know I didn't get what you claim you sent me. I want you to SEND EVERYTHING THAT IS ON THE PACKING SLIP. The FIRST time.


And another thing: "Well, I wasn't privy to that conversation, so I can't comment." WTF? You're a representative of the COMPANY. Stop assuming a customer calling a 1-800 number expects YOU to be PERSONALLY responsible, you fucking narcissist. I don't care if I'm on the phone with Wendy, Joe or Betty. I want answers. You are not Wendy, Joe or Betty. You are a representative of this company. As such, I expect you to know how to represent it. Asserting your individuality is not representing the company.

"That was an improper response, and I apologize that you got it," is 100% more professional than, "LOL I DIDN'T SAY IT!"

Rant done, homework start.



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