Apr. 24th, 2008

I got a letter from Virtua from when I was sent to the ER for the gastritis in February, telling me that according to state law, insurance companies must pay within 40 days and the claim is past due.

Nyuh? Why don't you contact THEM, then? But I, ya know, actually want this taken care of- the bill will be $3.5k if the insurance company doesn't pay them. So I called Aetna to check on the claim. They requested additional information.

This means that I get to actually waste minutes calling Virtua and asking them to please provide Aetna with the additional information they requested.

Personally? I think it is PATHETIC that I have to do this. Why do I have to be the go-between? This isn't my job. Communication between provider and insurance is THEIR job. And I'm going to tell Virtua that I really resent being sent a letter to contact my insurance company when it seems that they haven't been doing what they need to to get it paid.

In other news, yesterday someone puked on the bathroom floor at work and didn't clean it up, put paper towels over it, or even tell anyone. At least two women walked in it before something was done about it. I knew someone was sick; I was in a stall when someone else pounded in and hunched over the toilet. No gross noises or anything, so I was more or less okay. I'm assuming it was whoever that was.

But seriously, guys... If you're that sick, I'm sure people would understand. You JUST have to tell someone that you've had an accident, and you're really too sick to clean it up. It'll get gotten to; or at the very least, the bathroom closed until it is. Don't just LEAVE it there without telling anyone. That's disgusting.

My therapist called me Joshua on my way out of the session today. Made me happy.

I am exhausted at the moment, though. Going to try to fight my way through my work. God, I have 2 hours max to do this shit; 1 if I want to be reasonable.




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