Apr. 26th, 2008


Apr. 26th, 2008 09:47 pm
Look, dimwits. It's not your responsibility- nor your RIGHT- to attempt to "rescue" people. ESPECIALLY online. It's also not your right to delete a community because YOU start disagreeing with the creator, and it's MOST CERTAINLY NOT YOUR RIGHT to delete the creator's PERSONAL JOURNAL.

And I can pretty much guarantee that very few, if ANYONE, wanted your fucking e-mail. You want to know what would have happened had I gotten that e-mail? Reported for spamming to your provider- because that's what it IS. Any and all unsolicited e-mail is SPAM. No matter what it is for.

You know what most of us in the real world call this kind of behavior? Bullying. That's right, you're a bunch of schoolyard bullies. Stop being fucking children already. Childish bullies have ZERO credibility. NONE.


Speaking of spam: users of Gmail! Please DO NOT mark e-mails that you signed up for as "spam" because you don't want them anymore. Tigerdirect is a legitimate company; if you're getting e-mail from them, you bought something from them and didn't read carefully enough to keep them from sending you ads. CLICK THE GODDAMN UNSUBSCRIBE LINK FIRST. Some of us actually DO want e-mail from them, and it's ANNOYING AS FUCK to have to keep marking it "not spam" because you're too stupid to read the TOS and too lazy to unsubscribe.


I picked up Baroque today. LOVE LOVE LOVE. If you don't like dungeon crawlers you will NOT like this, but if you do- &hearts. I do have a complaint about it: a game should not allow you to throw away a required item. I lost my angelic gun-thingy trying to equip it quick to purify a Meta Being.



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