May. 29th, 2008

Yesterday I was REALLY busy, so I didn't have time to wash my mug before I left for the day. I left a sticky on the middle of my comp screen to wash it out before I made my tea today.

Last drink of the day was hot white chocolate. I don't ordinarily like white chocolate, but hot, in a liquid form, and with a generous spike of vanilla? YUM. So I get in today, immediately go for my tea box, and see the note. Oh yeah, gotta wash the mug first. So I take the mug into the bathroom to wash it.

So I'm washing white, sticky residue from my mug, and you can just guess what the first thought to cross my very juvenile mind was. Go ahead. Guess, and tell me what a child I am. XD

I'm going to try to do some schoolwork. Cal wants me to go to bed by 10 tonight. People, I had two cups of tea, a 20 ounce bottle of pepsi, a coffee, and now I'm having a 12 ounce can of pepsi. He's out of his fucking mind if I thinks I'm going to be able to sleep by ten.
Tales of the World, PSP: Doing a multi-part side quest, lookin' for uber armors. You have to fight the boss for this thing, the Red Paladin, every time you go for a piece of the armor. One-on-one.

I've only fought him twice and I already have a tactic that will get me through the battle with minimal stress: Demon Fang, Demon Fang, block, apple gel. Rinse, repeat ad nauseaum.

I seem to recall a fighting game that, if you won a match by cornering the opponent and using a single attack to keep them there, your "victory light" was a hunk of cheese. I think that's appropriate here.
... it's going to be two days late. I can't stay up any longer. Not after two nights of wee small hours in a row.

I feel pretty damn pathetic that I, at 25, am actually thinking, "Damn, I'm not as resilient as I used to be." Of course, that might be, rather than not being as capable of holding ridiculous hours, I'm now smart enough to know not to try.

On the other hand, my dear ex, who will be turning 30 in a day (shitshit, need to find suitable e-card...) regularly stays up past 4 AM on the weekends. So I dunno.

Night night...



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