Item the first: Work is getting intolerable again. I really want to tell Betty to shut the fuck up anymore. Seriously. She gives me shit when I try to be friendly to her. She gives me shit when I keep to myself. WTF does she want from me?

I can't wait until she retires. Seriously CANNOT wait until she retires. If she doesn't understand the concept, "If you don't like them, just leave them alone" how the HELL did she manage to be a manager for as long as she did? What universe does she live in that actively agitating your coworkers is acceptable behavior?

I usually flock shit like this, but I'm not going to. I actually hope, on some level, SOMEONE from Curtis sees this. No, this isn't a "personal issue." This is a PROFESSIONAL one. I have no problem whatsoever keeping to myself, minding my own business, and steering clear of her. If that actually WORKED, this wouldn't be an issue. This IS a professional issue, because it's now interfering with my ability to do my fucking job.

Although her calling me a bitch under her breath almost made me LOL. Clearly someone doesn't like mirroring.

Item the second: NaNo. I have about 3,000 words. Preeetty sure I'm not doing it this month. And yet I might, if I play my cards right. However, I really think that I'm not going to make it.

Although, if you count the writing I've done aside from NaNo, it's about 15,000, I think. Still not quite what I should be at, but at least I know it's not me just not writing.

Item the third: School. I'm ALMOST CAUGHT UP. I'm so close I can taste it. And yet... AND YET...

... I'd rather be playing ToS II. >.>



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