Mar. 27th, 2008 09:09 pm
A close friend of Kyle's passed away in the middle of the night. Brain cancer.

He was given three months to live when he was diagnosed two and a half years ago, so the man was on borrowed time... Kyle and Denese are coping. They've both been playing a game of "hurry up and wait," for the last two years, so they're kinda just numb right now.

What's hurting me about this- I didn't know the man- is that Kyle can't afford to go to his funeral. He lived in Connecticut.

We're still waiting for arrangements. The family's going to all chip in and get flowers, or a donation to a charity if that's what Serg('s family) wanted/s.

My back is spasming, I'm exhausted, and my goddamn head itches. Apparently while my HAIR likes the upscale blond-activating shampoo, my SCALP prefers the anti-dandruff stuff. But it IS nice to actually have BLOND hair again, rather than a kind of dull brown. It was blond, before I dyed it red, and then tried to correct it myself, and then had it professionally corrected. Do that much damage and your hair'll never be the same again.

The shampoo doesn't actually "dye" my hair blond, though, just brings out the blond highlights, which is almost as good.

I can't tell if I sound like a chick or a REALLY gay man right now.

There were other things I wanted to yammer about. They seem to have all gone out of my head upon hearing of Serg's death.

But- oh yeah- I discovered something in choir tonight.

My alto ass can hit a high G.




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