Ya know how LJ has that absolutely useless feature "inside LJ" now? One of issues is the China/Tibet thing? (Communist slash, woot... Yes, bad joke, I know, you'll get over it.)

Apparently they don't even WARN the people they're featuring. One of the more controversial posts listed there now sends you to a rickroll, as she was apparently getting flamed for it; if you read a few of her other entries, you'll see that she had to figure out why she was getting so much traffic.

I hope to god LJ doesn't do that shit to me. I doubt that would happen, as I rarely have anything intelligent to say, let alone when what I have to say is CONTROVERSIAL... but still. I'd rather not advertise my stupidititity.

Work sucked today and I don't even know why.

I'm taking off on Thursday. Calvin is getting eight teeth pulled on Wednesday. He's going to have Novocain for most of the evening and they're probably going to give him hydrocodone or codeine or some thing along those lines that'll help him sleep. But honestly? He's an XY male, he's going to be absolutely fucking helpless the next day. Plus, I'd rather be there to tell him "DON'T DO THAT" when he tries to eat pizza or something, and I KNOW he's going to.

Speaking of dental issues, it seems my lower right wisdom tooth is coming in. Now, my atrocious dental hygiene prevented problems when the upper teeth came through, because both of the upper back molars had already been pulled. I still have both of the lower back molars, though.

I hope to god it's just irritation from something. Because if that's REALLY a wisdom tooth coming in, I'm in for all kinds of pain. And NOT the good kind.


Mar. 22nd, 2008 10:52 am
All right, so I say I'm willing to give SUP the benefit of the doubt after Mr. Nosik's apology and claim that he was misrepresented. Yet the news outlet who did the interview has posted the audio of the interview and several people who claim that Russian is their native language (including some who, based on appearances, live in Russia) have said that they listened to the audio and he did indeed say everything the translations said he did.

On the rebuttal article on the news outlet, Mr. Nosik objects in the comments to the audio being released because, according to Yahoo Babelfish, he said things he wasn't prepared to say publically in it. (This was after the editor-in-chief posted a comment in his apology entry asking if he objected and got no response- at least not to that comment.) In response to a comment SOMEWHERE (there is only a screencap) he apparently answers, "Did you use the word "blackmail?" with, "No, the interview wasn't done in English."

The Days of Our Livejournals...

There are reports of anti-homosexuality ads popping up. This is, thusfar, hearsay. That is so, so drastically STUPID that I'm going to say "pics or it didn't happen" to this one. I'm also not going to let this one bug me, unless a statement is made that LJ chooses their ads, because a few months ago on Gaia, there was an ad that included malicious code and LJ had no fuckin' clue- the ad servers all denied that it was coming from them and refused to identify which ad it was. So that one might not be all LJ's fault. The fact that the filter was blatantly homophobic in some aspects is probably coincidental to this.

In other news, I just got $17.50 from Treasure Trooper for fuckin' free. Yes, I have to keep in mind that there's a fraud alert on my credit reports now, which will be a hassle if I want to apply for credit. But you know? $17.50 for a service that does all the credit protection work FOR me and right now, it's FREE? Seriously. It doesn't appear to be a free trial, either.

Nonetheless, I might contact them in a few weeks with concerns that it's not actually FREE free and if it's not, cancel then. Either way, I have the e-mail saying that the payments will be $0.

That offer also put me over the top for gold coins to start the treasure hunt. Now I have to get 20 moar. D: But I already have one of the objects needed for it, so that's all good.

I kinda wish this was the first one I tried, because it's FUCKING fun. But you know, I guess I wouldn't have gotten into these programs if I didn't do the horribly simple one first.

I'm gonna look into the tutorial on how to maximize earnings in a lil' bit. Gots me some homeworks.
You know, I was feeling confident in LJ again. Only one instance of fucktardery, a yaoi reader on the LJ advisory board... things were STARTING to look up.

Now take a look at the most recent news post, and then take a look at this:



Can we PLEASE all migrate to Insanejournal now? Jeeze!



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