The avatars on Gaia don't have noses!

WTF! D: D: D:
This evening has just been FULL of fangasming. I'm exhausted. Much like I am after sex. Seriously.

Amazingly, I had to cut this because of the sexual charge to it. I am officially a dork if Final Fantasy and Gaia give me dirty thoughts. )

And to think I was planning on this being a depressive ranting about gender identity. See, I get hypersexual when I get severely dysphoric. If you read the above... yeah. I'm kinda uncomfortable right now.

But HOSHIT, I don't give a fuck right now.

Edit: STRAIGHT from the horse's mouth. Calvin has said he doesn't care if I fuck Nikki Six.

I'm not even sure why.

Unfounded aggression sucks.

On a whim, I decided to open one of the Infinity Hats I bought. The way I use the item randomizers- buy a fuckton, then open one for each one I sell. I got an Angelic Headband from one. I just got the Longcat scarf as well, which I am keeping for the lulz.

Then I thought, hey, why not open one of my Adoption Certs?

I got one of the orphans I wouldn't mind having.

On the one hand, this is about 30k gold I won't be getting from these items. On the other hand- LONGCAT AND SCUPPERS.

It would be really fucking awesome to be able to equip th longcat on Scuppers.

... Diet Dr. Pepper. I needs. I dunno why, but I do.



Apr. 3rd, 2008 10:21 pm
Attn: coworkers,

Why do you see me as a CHILD? Not just "the baby" of the department; a CHILD? Is it because I don't have the most "mature" interests? Because that's about all you know about me. Would it make you feel better if I actually enjoyed entertaining and shopping instead of playing video games and playing with fake currency? What about my reading materials? Romance and mystery a more "grown-up" choice than manga and fantasy? Lost .> Neon Genesis Evangelion?

The funny thing is, for all you see me as immature because I enjoy "kiddish" things in my spare time... I see you all as immature for judging someone by their hobbies and NOTHING else.

Funny how that works, huh?

Gaia has implemented several MP restrictions, one of which being that sellers cannot yank sales out from under bidders any longer. They have five minutes to cancel the auction; after that, it's locked in. I wouldn't have done it that way; I would have given it until there's a bid. Still, this is a FANTASTIC move and I think that the sellers who are screaming that this is going to bring on the collapse of the Gaian economy are going to be pleasantly surprised. Make buyers feel safe, and you'll HAVE more buyers.

I need to do my homeworks. I don't feel like I can. THIS isn't Bipolar, if I have it. It's also not PMS, although the time of month would indicate that. I have no idea what this is. I'm motivated for a day, down for one or two. Motivated, down. Motivated, down. It's too rapid to be Bipolar.

... I have Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat. For FREE. Curtis distributes them. Although we don't get them in our boxes of mags; Cal's buddied up to one of the bigwigs in New Milford, and told this guy that his significant other is a big anime fan.

Homework. Must do homework.
Yes, I'm bitching about Gaia.

1) Gaia NPC shops get HUGE monthly or bi-monthly updates. I mean WHOA. Last time we got new starter clothes that are actually pretty damn awesome- one of my mules has the neutral Goth set- for 5 gold a piece. There's a lot there that'll help me make my mules look awesome, which is really why I'm bothering to keep my inventories so organized: I want to make my characters on Gaia ANYWAY, I might as well put them to use.

The cash shop gets very small weekly updates. Oftentimes these updates are evolving item reports; and holiday items. When you look at what's actually RELEASED in the cash shop, and what's actually released in the NPC shops, you will see that there's a LOT more NPC shop items released overall. And no, evolving item reports don't count as individual items unless each pose of the MC's do.

And they don't.

Furthermore, Cash Shop items are rotated out. They kinda NEED to keep updating it.

And lastly, wtf? You bitch about the quality of the Cash Shop items and then demand that NPC store items be released with the same frequency? What the hell is WRONG with you??? If someone wants to be stupid and buy a shitty CS item, LET THEM! Personally, I'm MUCH more concerned with the quality of the NPC shops- and if you HONESTLY can't afford to spring for the CS items that are already crappy by your standards, you should be, too.

2) I want the Depeche Mode CD box sets. I want the Ranma 1/2 sets. Hell, I want to finish off my YYH set and get the Ronin Warriors one. I want Windows XP. I want a $50,000 wedding and $75,000 honeymoon. I want to build an extension onto the house and buy a car that doesn't bitch at me for starting it.

I WANT TO BE ABLE TO AFFORD MY MEDICATIONS EVERY MONTH. I want to stay at home and take care of my sick mother. I want to be able to afford my dental copays, and I want to be able to afford my stomach specialist copay. I want the cash I need to pay for the procedure that would probably effectively cure my gastroparesis.

Half of that is "want", the other half would be pretty damn nice, and while not necessity, most people would agree that it sucks that I can't do it. I'll live with it.

And you'll live without your pixels that you've judged to be crappy anyway, I'm sure.


Mar. 16th, 2008 10:18 pm
I'm such a weirdo. I have sounded off on the following topics on Gaia today:

Being transgendered
What to do about a child having a crush on you
Anal sex
Parents suggesting weight loss surgery for their daughter who barely qualifies as obese.

My god, do I have a wide range of opinions or what? XD



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