Mar. 26th, 2008 09:26 pm
I've been being a good boy, for the most part. Only eating what my stomach can digest. And I DO feel a difference. I'm in less pain, I seem to have a little more energy, and I'm not so nauseous all the time.

I'm also weak. I feel shaky and lightheaded most of the time. If you look at my diet, and don't know that I'm sick, you'd think I had an eating disorder. And yet I can't eat normally.

I just had a handful of Doritos. It is made with whole corn, which means I can't have it; you know the recommendation that you get lots of whole grains? If I do that, I'll puke. What I ate was HALF of a serving.

I feel sick. I really feel ill. My stomach is cramping up horribly. Which is how I know that being a good boy about this is helping with the pain. It's reduced to a constant, dull ache rather than sharp cramps. But damnit... I can't function on THAT little food. It's about 800 calories.

I'm starting to think that permanent disability might not be a choice.

Still haven't seen the GI or the motility specialist. Can't find the contact info for either.

Someone from work was taken from the office on a stretcher. She's pregnant and was having severe abdominal cramping. I hope she's going to be okay. And baby, too.



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