You know, I was feeling confident in LJ again. Only one instance of fucktardery, a yaoi reader on the LJ advisory board... things were STARTING to look up.

Now take a look at the most recent news post, and then take a look at this:


Can we PLEASE all migrate to Insanejournal now? Jeeze!


Mar. 11th, 2008 05:44 pm
I have connections to Mitch Williams, former Philadelphia Phillie pitcher. Never met him, but Cal knows him and he's getting an invite to the wedding.

People, don't say "fuck" at your child's sporting event if they attend Catholic school. Because, apparently, this is grounds to have you banned from your child's events FOREVER. The officiators have said that if he EVER attends an event they're officiating, they will not do it.

Because he used the word "fuck".

Granted, it was aimed at the ref. Granted, what he had to say was probably abusive, considering the situation (his daughter's team was being repeatedly fouled against and the ref wasn't doing anything). But honestly all that being said, I have this to say to the officiators:

Grow the hell up and get a thicker skin.

Jesus Christ, if that woman was seriously offended by an angry parent dropping the F-Bomb ONCE, I hope to God she never officiates for teenagers. I mean, seriously; you'd think my alma mater's football team had been taught to speak only in strong language. And if all that happened was ONE F-Bomb, they should be thanking their lucky stars rather than getting all huffy about it. I have seen parents attack refs. Not just curse at them. Physically attack them.

This was, at best, a SERIOUS overreaction. At worst, they're trying to "make an example of him" because he's a big name in this area. Because I find it very hard to believe that they've ever banned a parent after ONE "fuck" before. And if they HAVEN'T, if this is the officiating company trying to make an example of Williams, I have a big fat FUCK YOU for them.

He was a parent, pissed off because he felt his daughter was being mistreated. He wasn't "Mitch the Philadelphia Phillie." He hasn't BEEN a Phillie for YEARS. Stop treating him like he is, assholes.

Zomg. I have a shitload of crap to do. I did the wrong problem for my accounting assignment last week- teacher is letting me turn in the proper one and it should take me all of two minutes, minus the looking around for the information I need to do it. I have to reach a chapter in nutrition, print out next chapter for Accounting, make sure we're not about to overdraw the checking account, and so much other crap I can't think clear enough to list it.

There's a half-drunk gatorade bottle from when I had gastritis. The virus is probably dead by now but it really shouldn't be on my desk, just in case. Then again, I don't want to touch the fucking thing...

... Oops, can't drink Gatorade now. Baaaaaaaw...

I'm taking requests. Anyone need anything? &hearts



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