Cal's watching a sitcom from the 90's, and this particular episode has the family dog being approved for a credit card. Someone mentions the dog being arrested and beaten for fraud (jokingly). It reminded me; I can't describe my physical location by my relation to Philadelphia anymore, because of that stupid racially-motivated beat-down the cops engaged in a few days ago.

Racism happens. Police brutality happens. But, guys? You're making yourselves look like fucking idiots. First order of business: the cops' original story was that there were these three guys who they beat the crap out of, and a fourth unknown gunman. They lost the gunman, but s/he was with these three men.

Well, now there were only those three men. Ladies and gentlemen, this proves, at BEST, that the Philadelphia police cannot count. But it gets worse: according to the Daily News, none of the shooting victims could positively identify the gunman, and they say they NEVER saw the car that the three suspects were pulled out of.

Furthermore, the cops say they never lost sight of those men. Not ONCE.

Where's the gun? Fuck if they know.

Yes, the whole article is like that. Probably the worst of it is that these guys have alibis. A number of people are willing to testify under oath that they were elsewhere when the shots were fired.


Guys, please. Stop trying to save face. If this incident was justified in ANY way, TEN COPS would not be on desk duty and potentially facing criminal charges. Seriously, guys. This is the kind of shit you do to cops who you KNOW did something wrong. Until then, they're on the street on normal duty. That's how it works. We're not stupid, and we know you're not either.

Admit that a couple of cops saw three black men in a nice car and decided they were doing something wrong because of that, and it just spun out of control. Yes, you'll have to deal with the consequences of the actions of those cops.

But you're going to have to do that ANYWAY, and in the meantime the rest of the world is getting more and more disgusted with you. Admit it, sanction/fire those cops, and move the fuck on.
"In any case, it takes a few months for birth control pills to start working..."

I'm sorry. I'm honestly, honestly not trying to be condescending. Despite the subject line, who I'm upset with aren't the un- or mis-informed. I'm upset with the school system, at least the American one.

What the fuck are they teaching kids in sex ed?

Abstinence-only sex ed DOES NOT WORK. I'm living proof of that, having lost my virginity at 15. And it seems, to me, that abstinence-only sex ed now not only means preaching ONLY abstinence, it also means not actually educating or outright lying to the kids. Look, you dipshits, teenagers are sexual beings. You not wanting to accept the fact that teens have a natural, INVOLUNTARY drive to WANT SEX doesn't change that fact. You're a lot more likely to get kids to STOP fucking by giving them the information; otherwise, there's an unknown that they want to know.

At the VERY least, it'll make them safer. The guy I lost it to? Believed that virgins could not get pregnant. I've had to inform a younger friend that yes, she CAN get an STD by blowing a guy. Do you know how many teenage girls don't know how to use a condom? Do you know how many teenage BOYS don't?

And now birth control pills take months to start working? SINCE WHEN? Since your abstinence-only sex educator told you so so that the girls in your class on the pill wouldn't fuck?

Jesus Christ. I don't want kids. I HONESTLY don't. The fact that we're LYING to them to get them to deny their natural impulses, rather than giving them the tools to cope with them and make decisions for themselves, is so disheartening that I can't describe it.


Apr. 3rd, 2008 10:21 pm
Attn: coworkers,

Why do you see me as a CHILD? Not just "the baby" of the department; a CHILD? Is it because I don't have the most "mature" interests? Because that's about all you know about me. Would it make you feel better if I actually enjoyed entertaining and shopping instead of playing video games and playing with fake currency? What about my reading materials? Romance and mystery a more "grown-up" choice than manga and fantasy? Lost .> Neon Genesis Evangelion?

The funny thing is, for all you see me as immature because I enjoy "kiddish" things in my spare time... I see you all as immature for judging someone by their hobbies and NOTHING else.

Funny how that works, huh?

Gaia has implemented several MP restrictions, one of which being that sellers cannot yank sales out from under bidders any longer. They have five minutes to cancel the auction; after that, it's locked in. I wouldn't have done it that way; I would have given it until there's a bid. Still, this is a FANTASTIC move and I think that the sellers who are screaming that this is going to bring on the collapse of the Gaian economy are going to be pleasantly surprised. Make buyers feel safe, and you'll HAVE more buyers.

I need to do my homeworks. I don't feel like I can. THIS isn't Bipolar, if I have it. It's also not PMS, although the time of month would indicate that. I have no idea what this is. I'm motivated for a day, down for one or two. Motivated, down. Motivated, down. It's too rapid to be Bipolar.

... I have Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat. For FREE. Curtis distributes them. Although we don't get them in our boxes of mags; Cal's buddied up to one of the bigwigs in New Milford, and told this guy that his significant other is a big anime fan.

Homework. Must do homework.
A stretch of I-95 in Philly is closed for a few days, at the earliest, because of repairs that are urgently needed. This portion is a bridge that has a very, very large crack in it. If not fixed, it can collapse.

People are bitching about the inconvenience of that part of I-95 being closed. "How much are we supposed to tolerate?!"

*heavy sigh*

Look, asswads. You are going to tolerate as much inconvenience as it takes to get that bridge repaired. Why? Because, if that bridge collapses, PEOPLE WILL DIE. Someone could lose a husband, brother, mother, aunt, son. Permanent injuries could occur. At the LEAST, thousands- if not tens and possibly spanning into the hundreds- of dollars of damage will be done. AND if the bridge collapses, it's going to be closed for longer than a few days.

And so, you have to leave for work a little earlier. ADJUST.

The funny thing is is that these people would probably be the loudest to scream about the city not doing anything if it DID collapse.
You know, I was feeling confident in LJ again. Only one instance of fucktardery, a yaoi reader on the LJ advisory board... things were STARTING to look up.

Now take a look at the most recent news post, and then take a look at this:


Can we PLEASE all migrate to Insanejournal now? Jeeze!


Mar. 11th, 2008 05:44 pm
I have connections to Mitch Williams, former Philadelphia Phillie pitcher. Never met him, but Cal knows him and he's getting an invite to the wedding.

People, don't say "fuck" at your child's sporting event if they attend Catholic school. Because, apparently, this is grounds to have you banned from your child's events FOREVER. The officiators have said that if he EVER attends an event they're officiating, they will not do it.

Because he used the word "fuck".

Granted, it was aimed at the ref. Granted, what he had to say was probably abusive, considering the situation (his daughter's team was being repeatedly fouled against and the ref wasn't doing anything). But honestly all that being said, I have this to say to the officiators:

Grow the hell up and get a thicker skin.

Jesus Christ, if that woman was seriously offended by an angry parent dropping the F-Bomb ONCE, I hope to God she never officiates for teenagers. I mean, seriously; you'd think my alma mater's football team had been taught to speak only in strong language. And if all that happened was ONE F-Bomb, they should be thanking their lucky stars rather than getting all huffy about it. I have seen parents attack refs. Not just curse at them. Physically attack them.

This was, at best, a SERIOUS overreaction. At worst, they're trying to "make an example of him" because he's a big name in this area. Because I find it very hard to believe that they've ever banned a parent after ONE "fuck" before. And if they HAVEN'T, if this is the officiating company trying to make an example of Williams, I have a big fat FUCK YOU for them.

He was a parent, pissed off because he felt his daughter was being mistreated. He wasn't "Mitch the Philadelphia Phillie." He hasn't BEEN a Phillie for YEARS. Stop treating him like he is, assholes.

Zomg. I have a shitload of crap to do. I did the wrong problem for my accounting assignment last week- teacher is letting me turn in the proper one and it should take me all of two minutes, minus the looking around for the information I need to do it. I have to reach a chapter in nutrition, print out next chapter for Accounting, make sure we're not about to overdraw the checking account, and so much other crap I can't think clear enough to list it.

There's a half-drunk gatorade bottle from when I had gastritis. The virus is probably dead by now but it really shouldn't be on my desk, just in case. Then again, I don't want to touch the fucking thing...

... Oops, can't drink Gatorade now. Baaaaaaaw...

I'm taking requests. Anyone need anything? &hearts



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