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The Good: I got a 100% on my Nutrition final. This is with me handing the instructor a quite legit however extremely side-stepped response to one of the issues I was supposed to cover... that is, how my personalized nutrition plan can be adjusted in case I ever get pregnant (*gag*) or as I age. Gastroparesis cannot be cured and I'm already at high risk for malnutrition due to it; ergo, my response was a long-winded version of, "I'm not even going to be half as arrogant as I need to be to claim to know how to adjust my diet in those instances."

The Bad: My Accounting final's grading has been delayed.

The Ugly: My Accounting instructor is in Virginia, in the path of the really bad storms and tornadoes 'n shit.

Gaia's got a SERIOUS problem with the items system. People keep saying it's a problem with shops; with gifting; with the marketplace; with NO. It's not a problem with any of them, it's a problem with the fucking items. It HAS to be. Gifting, trades, shops, cash shop, and the marketplace aren't all run on the same system, I don't think.

And people are screaming for a response from Gaia, AGAIN. Sigh... It's Sunday. The devs probably know and are probably working to fix it... from HOME. The offices are probably closed. They can't shout from cubicle to cubicle to communicate. It's going to take some time and frankly, we don't need to be told there's a problem. We KNOW. I'd rather they work on it than waste time telling us things we already know.


I beat Aurora in Tales of the World. I stopped playing it for two and a half months because I couldn't defeat her and got frustrated. I highly doubt I'm going to be able to beat Widdershin, so I'm trolling the towns for interesting quests first. I've got to go after another piece of Radiant equipment this time. I imagine if I can actually get all of those items, my life will be hugely easier.



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