Ugh. Work tomorrow. Really?

Accounting assignment NOT done. I'm tired and I don't feel good. It's not like I'm going to get a good grade in this class anyway, why bother torturing myself with math when I'd really be better off doing it tomorrow? I did reading. That's good enough for now. If my best is a D+ at the moment, then that's going to have to be how it is.

And it's not like my instructor doesn't know what the deal is. I had him last block. He's aware that I'm having problems that are hurting my ability to do, well... anything. If I end up with him next block (OH I hope so! I'm attached now...) then hopefully things will be better.

For nao: nighty night.
Wow, I got all kinds of crap done tonight. Read a chapter of Accounting, a chapter of Nutrition, did the accounting checkpoint and the nutrition DQ, uploaded the next chapter of Kharlan... Not a bad night. Got all my schoolwork done anyway. Didn't get any writing done, but I'm shootin' for tomorrow.

Okay, SERIOUSLY wanted someone to shoot me at work. There was an error on an ATS we got last week. Curt didn't catch it, Gina didn't catch it. I only caught it because the very final step of the process required me to LOOK at it. I had to go rescue that work from the mailroom before they sent it out. My god, I thought I was going to be lynched. :x

As if that wasn't enough, Source has bought out RS2. Now, consider this: Source is our LARGEST consultant. Several hundred accounts. And dear god are they a royal pain in the ass. The send triplicate and quadruplicate work (and claim they DIDN'T...), demand we research why they weren't paid for a landslide of titles EVERY quarter when they WERE- they're just too damn impatient to wait for the checks. And, here's an example of their stupidity: They tried to claim a title that is distributed in the US only for... Loblaws, I believe it was. Loblaws or Zellers, one of the two. My Canadian friends will tell you that those chains are indeed CANADIAN.

So they're claiming this Canadian chain sold like, 20 copies of this magazine that isn't distributed in Canada. And they sent us, as backup for proof that they had a contract, the amendment with that title crossed out and "US distribution only" written in.


Although the AE for that title requested a copy of that research. "It's not distributed in Canada. It's NEVER been distributed in Canada. Our figures show no Canadian sales. It'll be VERY interesting to see their wholesaler data backing up those sales."

So these people are, at best, complete morons. A few years ago a part of the company split and formed RS2. Since then, Source has been steadily losing accounts to RS2, with the exception of Source managing to gain back all of the Canadian accounts (lulz more claims for titles they never got...). At that point, we were all like, "Oh GOD no. D:" Because RS2 is INFINITELY easier to work with than Source.

So it was quiet today. I was like, one of two clerks still at their desk. Joanna got on the phone with one of the developers and was like, "Oh hai, Source bought RS2, lulz FAIL..."

And my instant thought was, "Oh no. Oh GOD now. SHOOT ME NOW."

And in amusing news, I choked on an egg yolk tonight. I was coughing for like, fifteen minutes. My throat hurts nao. :(


Mar. 14th, 2008 09:47 pm
I seem to have become a very bad student over the last semester.

I'm just going to have to do what I can over the weekend to get caught up. I might have to sacrifice participation, but I don't want to do that. I'm just so tired; I can't do anymore.

I can't do anymore.

I can't.


Mar. 9th, 2008 10:42 pm
I don't have a 4.0 anymore.

I have a 3.9.

It doesn't seem like a big deal. It's only a .1 drop.

But I don't have my 4.0 anymore.

And I just realized that I'm never going to get my 4.0 back.




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