Mar. 17th, 2008


Mar. 17th, 2008 07:39 am
If I got an account at Deadjournal, how many of you would want invite codes?

I lol'ed

Mar. 17th, 2008 05:40 pm
The recent debacle about LJ's policies, over the abolishing of basic account creation, somehow turned into a debacle about how certain interests- eg pain, bondage, bisexuality, depression- had been filtered out of the popular interests lists.

That was one that I didn't say anything about because it's better than another strikethrough. It pissed me the hell off but things have been worse. Well, apparently others were willing to speak up about it (of course! This is El-Jay land!) and two days later, the filter was removed.

An interview with the VP of blogging over at SUP (I THINK that's his title; it's linked all over the place in the news comments) commented that he didn't find it necessary to notify people who had not made a basic account in 9 years. Wha- wait? That makes no sense... So I'm still quite concerned about this. I mean, the way I read that, this guy believes that NO ONE has made a basic account in nine years?

Clueless, at best, but that's so far out in left field that it can't be right. Yet I can't see any other interpretation of it. It came from a Russian news site, I believe, so there may have been something lost in the translation.

But the fact that they so promptly removed that popular interests filter DOES bode well, as loathe as I am to admit it. 6A would have ignored it for three months and then said they're trying to get rid of child porn with it.



Jesus Christ- and I'm calling on Him, not using His name in vain-


Likening homosexuality to terrorism is HATE SPEECH. It is NOT protected by the first amendment- just like me saying Catholics are all child molesters shouldn't be, either.

(I don't think that, btw. Just an example.)

My dears, my dears, my dears... Christians, in the USA, are not discriminated against, nor are they persecuted. Every time you assert that, you're demeaning the persecution and deaths of hundreds of Christians who ARE. I DARE you, any of you, to spend two months in China, North Korea, Pakistan, or Iran, openly worshiping Christ.

See if you manage to live for the full 60 days.

People... I was baptized Catholic. I have attended CDC. I was a Southern Baptist, non-denominational, and Lutheran. I have ALWAYS attended church on my own will: I have neither been compelled to attend, nor EVER told I can't. The pastor of both the Southern Baptist and Lutheran churches wrote their own sermons without coercion or censorship of any kind. There is no one from the government in the pews, looking for subversive messages.

Our churches are built on land that is tax-free. Public schools have two breaks that revolve around our high holy holidays. Public libraries have rows of Bibles, all the different translations. Christian literature has its own section in bookstores, prominent and well-kept. Being a Christian is practically REQUIRED for holding public office.

I am an American Christian. I am NOT persecuted due to my religion. Neither are YOU. You're just fucking spoiled.

... fuck.

Mar. 17th, 2008 11:12 pm
Two assignments not turned in from last week. The assignment for one is still not done; not even started.

I need to get control over my depression. FAST. This is NOT good.

I sent Warren an e-mail. I'm anxious about it. Hopefully, though, now that all this shit's on the table, it'll lighten my load a little bit. Even if he doesn't respond how I want him to. Even if he doesn't respond at all. Get some sleep. Start taking my supplements again. B6 is supposed to help a lot- I was taking a B complex before. St. John's Wart, too. I didn't really notice a difference when I was taking them. It's been almost a month. I notice now.

It's really weird, how I've spent the last two weeks a wreck and floundering and I suddenly have the clarity of mind to know what I need to do. I'm dreading Warren's response. But really, what's the worst he can do? Break my heart again? I'm used to it.

And I needed to say it. It is, at this point, an integrity thing.



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